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Our team has the most advanced leak detection equipment on the market. Did you know that even a small external water leak can cause massive water bills? We’ll check inside and outside of your house to find the source. We’ll look at your water meter, external connections, internal faucets, toilets, showers, and water heater. Our technician will find the problem, guaranteed. If you have a water heater leaking issue, we can plug it or replace the faulty part to stop leak. We’ll re-connect or repair the pressure relief valve. We’ll make sure all components are tightly hooked to your home plumbing. If we can’t solve the water leak problem, we can replace your water heater at a price that won’t be beat. Compare our prices to hardware stores throughout Ft. Bend and Harris Counties!

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Missouri City trusts us to help maintain excellent connections to the city’s sanitation system. Homeowners throughout the area rely on us for sewer repair or to unclog drains that are blocked. Nobody in Ft. Bend or Harris Counties – not even the national competitors – will beat our prices. We’ll come to your house day or night to unclog even the biggest messes. Residents of Ft. Bend and Harris counties trust us to install their next water heater. We combine quality work with unbeatable prices. Just try finding a tankless gas water heater at our price anywhere else in Texas. There’s no question that we’re the superior choice for all of Missouri City.

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Everyone thinks they know how to install kitchen sink. Most people could probably hook up a basic one. But when you want a top-of-the-line, quality sink, trust our expert staff. Our employees can work with you. We’ll fit the sink into your existing kitchen or partner with your contractor on a redesign. You will love the end result! Come see why we’ve earned a reputation as one of the best in Ft. Bend and Harris counties. Our technicians are masters of sewer repair. We have the specialized equipment to clean out any sewer line, no matter how clogged. Compare us to the national “snake” competitors. You’ll see that they won’t be able to beat our results or our prices.

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